6 Stunning Locations for Engagement Photos in Dallas

1. The Dallas Arboretum

2. Hotel Crescent Court

3. White Rock Lake

4. The Joule Hotel

5. Mandalay at Las Colinas Canal

6. Highland Park

1. The Dallas Arboretum

Beautiful and classic with diverse textures and colors.

If you live in the area you should check out the Dallas Arboretum! With a membership, you have full access and can bring guests but there are also one-time passes you can purchase for those of us without a membership! This place is beautiful and a great place for a family outing but also a great option if you’re looking into Dallas wedding venues that are a little different than the standard outdoor wedding venue look! With year-round landscaping, water elements and gorgeous architecture, this is one of my favorite locations for engagement photos in Dallas.

You won’t be disappointed with this beautiful location with a view of White Rock Lake and seasonal landscaping. Oh and don’t miss out on the spring tulips!! If you want to see a full gallery of Dallas Arboretum engagement photos, check out these two galleries I’ve linked below. Both were shot at the Dallas Arboretum, one in the spring with the tulips blooming everywhere and one in the crisp winter landscaping.


Is there a fee to get in the Dallas Arboretum?

Yes. This is a location you have to pay entrance to but its very affordable! The website linked below has all the info on ticket purchases.

What time of year is best to do engagement photos at the Dallas Arboretum

It’s really beautiful anytime of year but because we are in the south, I suggest spring for the tulip display because it’s truly beautiful and very unique for photos, or the fall for the cooler weather! The photos below were taken in the winter!

What time of day is least crowded? 

I typically shoot during the last hour the Arboretum is open but the first hour is also a time that it’s not too crowded. Weekends are much more hectic as always so I suggest a week day!

View the Dallas Arboretum

2. Hotel Crescent Court

A stunning courtyard with an upscale atmosphere

If you’re looking for a location with an elevated look while still getting gorgeous natural light, this fits the bill and then some! Open to the public with easy garage parking, Hotel Crescent Court is a great space to take Dallas engagement photos. The first time I took clients here to shoot engagement photos, I literally couldn’t believe how gorgeous it was and it really adds a unique atmosphere to photos.

As a Dallas engagement photographer, this place is at the top of my list for something upscale to compliment any suit and tie engagement look. With a beautiful hotel lobby and bar right inside, it makes it easy to grab a drink to settle any nerves before your photos!

Check out this gallery from a Dallas engagement shoot at Hotel Crescent Court


Is there a fee to shoot at Hotel Crescent Court?

Yes. Since writing this blog initially, Hotel Crescent Court has begun charging a fee for any shoot, and along with the fee, requires an approved, scheduled time and date.

Is there a good time of day to shoot around this area in Dallas?

I would suggest about 1-2 hrs before sunset. But morning would also be nice for this particular location. There is a ton of natural light streaming through so any time of day could work!

If you’re loving the look of the photos below, fill out a contact form and let’s shoot your engagements here! SAY HELLO!

View Hotel Crescent Court

3. White Rock Lake

A beautiful park that is clean, vibrant and always has a great view

The best local spot to hang out on a blanket or bring your dog to, and one of my favorite places to shoot. Because of how large the lake is, there’s always a lot of areas to shoot that can be intimate even with people moving in and out of the park. When clients want to bring their dogs, this is always a great location to have some fun and get some photos that make you feel right at home with your dog and your person.


Is there free parking at White Rock Lake?

Yes! There’s a lot of parking lots in various places around the Lake and all of it is free.

Is White Rock a good location to bring your dog to for Dallas engagements?

This is your spot for your dog! Whether your dog is the rowdy guy or the quiet one, this area is HUGE and we can find plenty of room to shoot with your pup!

View White Rock Lake

4. The Joule

A downtown Dallas wedding venue and truly unique hotel

This is honestly one of the coolest places in Dallas. The hotel lobby is constantly evolving with new art coming in often as statement pieces in the lobby. The hallways are so beautiful in this hotel, I mean how often do you get to say that about a hotel hallway? Even the elevators are fun to take photos in. Honestly, all Dallas wedding photographers want to shoot weddings here. I’ll be shooting my second wedding at this venue in October and I can’t freaking wait!

The one catch to this venue is that ALL photography is appointment only and has to be approved, so there’s no popping in to take a few photos here, although you can inquire and have a photoshoot approved. If you’re in the planning phase and looking at wedding venues in Dallas, this is a place I would encourage you to check out. The view of downtown is beautiful and the staff here is incredible. So if you’re checking out Dallas wedding venues, do yourself a favor and add The Joule to your list!


Can we shoot our engagements with you at the Joule? 

Yes BUT all shoots have to be approved by the hotel which is a process that takes time. If you’re getting married at the Joule Hotel, access for bridals or engagements is much easier to get!

What is the eyeball about?

Honestly I can’t even remember the story of the eyeball at the Joule but it’s the most memorable photo you’ll ever take.

When is the best time for downtown Dallas engagements?

Let’s be honest, downtown Dallas is always a little crazy but an early morning shoot can be a calmer time to be in downtown! If you’re not from the south, it is HOT downtown in the summer so if you can avoid a summer engagement session, your sweat glands will thank you for it.

If you’re drooling over these photos at The Joule Hotel and are looking for your wedding photographer, check out my pricing and info!

View The Joule Hotel

5. Mandalay at Las Colinas Canal

A venice-style canal and riverwalk that feels like an escape to Italy

The canal at Las Colinas is one of those places that makes you feel like you’re somewhere really romantic in a far away place. I’ve been to Venice, Italy and this spot took me right back to

walk along the canal and watching the gondolas glide through the water. The area is beautiful and romantic and can elevate any engagement session into something more. When people look at these photos, they’ll wonder if you took them during a trip to Europe.

For anyone looking to take engagement photos in Dallas but want to spice it up with something a little different, this is a great location to do just that. And if you’re a dallas engagement photographer needing something fresh for your clients, this place won’t disappoint. Bring a bouquet or some candles for a full romantic look that will have everyone asking you where you took a trip to!


Is this location free entry?

Yes! It’s an easy place to walk around and never too crowded so any time of day can work here!

View Mandalay Canal at Las Colinas

6. Highland Park Village

An upscale outdoor shopping center with the look we love

Not everyone wants to go all out looking for the perfect location and that’s okay! When you need a great location that’s easy and still offers a variety of textures, Highland Park Village is a great option. With twinkly lights, some spanish style architecture and high-end store fronts to elevate the look, this location is perfect for modern bridals or a fun engagement session. If you’re considering a Dallas elopement, this could be a great location to follow up with photos and dinner!


What is the best time of day to shoot at Highland Park Village?

It’s a crowded area but most people are in stores or in restaurants and because the twinkly lights are so good, I always shoot in the later evening at this location! Super fun for the modern engagement session!

View Highland Park Village

Keep in mind that the location is always important but the main thing is that you’re comfortable and happy in your atmosphere! Look forward to all the magic of this moment!

If you made it this far and you love the photos you’ve seen in this post, check out more info on the booking process!

It's always a good day for a good day!


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