"i was looking for you,

I was looking for you everywhere."

I seek the hard-to-see moments, the ones that we might normally miss. I'm looking at the in-between and telling the story of intimacy, of ringing laughter, of gleaming eyes and soft smiles. I'm looking for you inside the magic of your big day.

What makes it your day, what makes it dripping in your love story? That's what I want to share. Whether that shines most in the small, quiet moments, or on the dance floor with your closest friends, I'm documenting the moments of love between you and your lover, between you and your family and your people. I'm looking for your love story so that you can take it with you wherever you go.

Do you travel?


One of my favorite parts of this life is traveling and I'm always so inspired by seeing the places that have a deep connection with my clients. The love shines through in the places of significance to us and it makes each place I travel to that much more special.

I am currently booking destination worldwide with upcoming 2022-2023 travel across the U.S and Europe.

How far in advance do I need to book with you to have you at my wedding?

This can change, so I would always suggest booking me as soon as you have your date and venue booked. Currently for 2022-2023 I'm booking out over a year in advance but do have dates available in between! If you want to book with me for a popoular wedding month, consider Fridays or Sundays for your wedding and week days for your elopement for dates that I am more likely to be available!