So glad you're here!

Hi friends! I'm so glad you stopped by my site. I'm Jenny, and Waking Starlight is my business, my creative outlet, my dream and vision. And it is fully a product of God. Let me tell you a little about Waking Starlight, and a little about me!

I went to LaTech University, completed my BFA of Photography, and promptly stopped taking photos. I had the most fun working as a graphic designer then gradually started building a photography clientele shooting family sessions, seniors, couples, and ... yesss, weddings! In 2018 I decided to book a full year of weddings and see if I wanted to make it a business. As you can guess, by the end I was hooked. In April of 2020, I went full time as a wedding photographer, focusing on destination weddings and adventure couples.

Weddings are just something I don't get tired of. I love connecting with people. I want all my brides to be my friends. I want to be there for you to make your day easier and more fun FIRST. The photos are a product of that feeling.

I can honestly say, without having met yet, I like you already. I'm ready to hear all about your wedding, your life, the vision you have for photos, your dog, and all the things! So please fill out a contact form so we can be friends!!



I want to take photos of you on your wedding day, while you're wearing the dress and marrying your person. With the sun setting on your face and the moon rising with your joy, I want to tell the story of your love and make it one for the ages.

When I take photos

i want to be your best friend on your wedding day. I want to grab you that glass of wine you need and freak out over how perfect you look in the dress. i want to tell your wedding story to the world in all the ways that show your emotions, your romance and excitement. i look at your wedding with you in mind, showing your love in all the best light.

My photos are an expression of who you are-an extension of you. I'm an enneagram two so I FEEL everything. Your feelings, the atmosphere of the room, all of it. And my forte, what I'm really good at, is connecting with you, reading what you need and being able to give you that. Being there for you on your wedding day-that's what I'm REALLY freaking good at. So when I take photos, they show how you feel in the way that is so unique to who you are in this moment of your life.

Where I take photos

I take photos everywhere. So if you're in Dallas and looking for your photographer, that's perfect. And if you just decided to go to Arizona and have your ceremony in the desert, sounds good to me! And if you live in Utah and want to have your wedding in the place that you call home, I can't wait to see it. And for anyone thinking Italy, HELLO I WAS THINKING THAT TOO!! I have a long time love of traveling and feel the most me when I'm somewhere outdoors seeing everything beautiful. Internationally, I've traveled through many countries including Greece, and more recently Italy, and can't wait to go back. So whether you're having your wedding in the city or planning for something a little more adventurous, I want to be there for you!

Get in Touch

I am so excited to work with you already and can't wait to talk about it!

so go ahead and fill out a contact form so we can start planning your photos!