A Dallas Engagement

Bri and Brandon had a Dallas engagement session with me before moving to Florida for Brandon’s career with the Miami Dolphins. That’s right people, we’ve got an NFL player in our midst and while I’m not a big football girl, I’m a fan of these two. Bri was literally the coolest and sweetest kind of girl and meeting her in person made me so happy. Brandon walked up wearing a matching green jacket to her green outfit and I mean that really takes confidence to pull off. But they looked perfect together and the session was so much fun.

I had two personal photographer fails, one being that I brought a confetti popper for them to use without trying it at home first. Y’all, it was like a gun shot when they popped it. SO FREAKING LOUD. When you scroll to the confetti popper photos, you’ll know how shocked Bri and Brandon were from their expressions. Not to mention, while I was being eco-conscious and bought biodegradable confetti, I didn’t know the humidity would basically make it disintegrate mid-air so no, there are no cool photos from that moment lol. My second fail was that I didn’t keep the champagne still and when we popped it, before being able to get a finger over the opening, it sprayed and we weren’t ready haha so those photos also didn’t work. But for the sake of you reading through this whole novel, I’m including the fail photos and showing you anyway.

Bri and Brandon, y’all are amazing. Miami is lucky to have you two!

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