Shyloh & Colby | Cleburne, Texas

May 13, 2021

Shyloh is one of those girls who is beautiful without really knowing it. She has a natural confidence you can feel when you walk into the room but she is so kind to everyone in front of her. And Colby is the kind of guy you can see love all over. The way he looks at Shyloh during their first look is one of those moments that makes the photographer cry, gives you goose bumps, all the things. Celebrating them at their Texas wedding in the shining summer sun was easy. Every moment of their wedding, they were connecting with each other, not letting anything get in the way of celebrating the moment. I walked away from this one feeling the deep-rooted emotion that seeing kind, generous love gives me. This knowing that it’s the “why” of my business. I believe in that kind of love, and celebrating that is something special.

Wedding Venue: Five Oaks Farm  

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