Dallas, TX

Stonebriar Country Club

Hina & Ahsan

Wow what a night. I will always remember this one as one of the sweetest, most tangible feelings of love and family that I've ever experienced while shooting weddings. From the kindness towards me, to the love and adoration shown to each other, this one was special. My first encounter with Hina was at her Nikkah. And she was glowing as she walked up. I met Ahsan moments before and he was just as excited, beaming and full of energy. I heard so many kind words, documented a ceremony filled with love and sacred tradition. Gifts were given and tears shed, with tight hugs and big smiles. The night gave way to food and candles and contented conversation. And like Hina and Ahsan, the sky sparkled and the air felt rich with love.

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a sparkling sky