How to Keep It Simple Yet Stylish: A Chic, Venice, Italy Elopement

Bride and Groom standing by the water in Venice, Italy

A summer wedding in italy!

For the Bride getting married in Italy, here's how we kept it classy during this intimate Venice Elopement

italy wedding inspo for brides getting married abroad

Emily called me and told me she wasn't doing the big wedding she planned. Her and Kurt realized it wasn't what they wanted and they weren't scared to change things up. Fast forward a few weeks, and we had a contract, flights booked and plans in motion for me to fly to Venice, Italy with them and their closest family. My first Italy wedding booking, a bride I can say is now a close friend and a family I really love to be around. This was one of my favorite moments of 2023.
Photo of the architecture of the Basilica San Marco, an image at sunset of the Grand Canal, a bride and groom walking by the waterside of San Giorgio

Soaking in the architecture, the history and the views on the canals of Venice.

making time means creating space for genuine moments.

Emily and Kurt took their their family through the city to explore and spend time together on night one and the following day. Venice is a lovers paradise with every turn around a corner being more romantic than the last. Along the way, I was able to document the sunset light on the canals, the architecture of the Doge's Palace and the Basilica San Marco , flowers hanging from every building and all the moments with family.
a group of images depicting the architecture in Venice, the Doge's Palace, a boat on the Grand Canal, and a couple walking hand in hand through Piazza San Marco

Getting Ready on the Grand Canal

the view. the bride. the groom. whew.

This is where the simple comes in. Emily wanted the view, and made a great choice for where to stay in Venice. She chose the H10 Palozza Canova and when I say it was stunning, that's probably an understatement. My only regret is not walking the hotel to take detail shots when I had the chance. The hotel was literally a boat ride away from the airport, and if you're not familiar with Venice, thats a little joke because you'll need to take a boat if you want to go into Venice from the airport. So bring your dramamine and buckle up for a very fast ride across the water.

Back on track, Emily & Kurt got ready together and it was such a good vibe. The moments were natural and the photos were candid. They both laughed about feeling nervous, helped each other get ready and wrote their vows.
A collage of images of a bride and groom getting ready in a hotel room at H10 Palozza Canova in Venice

A Wedding Ceremony in San Giorgio

a coastal italy wedding ceremony with all the emotions

A boat ride to the island gave time for photos and some sightseeing. I think some of my favorite moments from this day were on the boat. Emily and Kurt were so relaxed, laughing, holding hands and taking in the moment. I was so glad to be there getting these moments on camera.
Collage of images of bride and groom on a boat on the Grand Canal in Venice, standing up, sitting and holding hands, laughing together.
Bride and groom kissing while on a boat at the island of San Giorgio in Venice, Italy
Collage of images showing bride and groom arriving together to their ceremony, greeting family and walking together to the ceremony at San Giorgio Maggiore

Saying I Do at San Giorgio Maggiore

spoiler alert: she said yes

It was such a moment; from the intimacy of their closest family to the handwritten vows and simple ceremony. It made me feel so grateful for the day and the moment, spending it with people who didn't lose the moment to the madness of wedding chaos. Emily and Kurt kept the main thing the main thing and we love that!
Bride and groom during wedding ceremony as the bride comes down the aisle, the groom reads his vows, and the bride smiles up at him during there ceremony on the island of San Giorgio
Bride and groom kiss at San Giorgio Maggiore during their wedding ceremony by the water

Dinner at Gio's St. Regis & Dancing in Piazza San Marco

an intimate wedding reception in the heart of venice

Starting with dinner at Gio's St. Regis Venice. Holy wow the food was good and the atmosphere was warm. The view was gorgeous and the company was even better. Emily and Kurt and their families toasted, laughed, told stories and ate course after course of beautifully plated food. Sunset gave way to candlelight and the wine kept us all warm.
Bride and groom sit on a boat going down the Grand Canal in Venice after their wedding ceremony, laughing together as the bride holds her bouquet and the groom twists his wedding band around his finger
Collage of images of a family dinner on the rooftop of Gio's St. Regis Venice. People laughing, toasting and dining
Bride laughing during candlelit dinner

Ending the Night under Starlight at Piazza San Marco

the most romantic end to a perfect venice wedding

I couldn't have dreamed up a better end to the night for this. And true to form, Emily and Kurt ended their night out laughing and dancing, with Emily shed a few tears feeling the perfection of it all.
Bride and groom watching orchestra with their family in Piazza San Marco in Venice, Italy

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