The Perfect Preset...

We are all out here looking for the perfect preset right? The filter that will elevate the image, or just take our iPhone photo to the next level. Lord make our skin perfect, our life look dreamy and for us photographers, make our photos look like the fairytale we are seeing through the lens.

That’s all I’m looking for. Not too much to ask right? Well… its been difficult for me over the years to find presets that worked for me. If I liked one part of the preset I still had to make major changes to the rest. Or I bought a pack of 8 presets and could use only one of the eight.

THEN, I finally found a great set of presets that helped me get started as I found my own style. Over the years, I transitioned from those presets, to using my own. And I’m so thankful there was a photographer out there that made something that worked for me.

Eventually as I started making my own presets, my friends started asking me when I was going to make presets for everyone.And I started asking myself too. Fast forward a few months and a lot of work, and here we are!

So I can honestly say, this isn’t a gimmick for me. This is because we all just want freaking good presets for our phone, for our desktop, for our life and I want them too. These presets are MY presets. I edit with these straight from my camera and right off my phone. These are ideal if you want to click the button and then make minimal adjustments to get a great edit, in record time. I use these presets for my weddings, for my dog, for my selfies and everything else that I suddenly HAVE TO POST.

So if you’re looking for a way to post what you like, when you like, then check out my preset collection!





2021 Collection | Desktop

These are my personal presets that I use for every wedding, session, and studio shoot. Waking Starlight presets are designed to be minimally tweaked using exposure, color balance, and contrast tools.

Made to be EASY, because really, who wants another preset that looks good but is impossible to use?? NOT ME!

ALR, ALRC, ACR compatible preset pack

Comes with 13 presets : 11 in Color, 2 in B/W.




2021 Collection | Mobile

Five mobile presets for LR Mobile. Four in color and one in b/w.

These presets have been tested by photographers, non-photographers, moms that just want cute baby pics, friends that need good selfies, and me - and let’s be real, I just want good photos of my dog. I personally have bought a lot of mobile presets with NO success. That led me to making my own and I want to share them with anyone who wants their phone photos to look like they tried harder, got more sleep, and kept all

their New Year’s Resolutions.




2021 Collection | Desktop & Mobile

Looking for a whole new look? Get both the desktop presets and the mobile presets together to have a uniform look for your branding whether it’s from your camera or from your phone. I personally love that I can post a photo straight to my instagram from my phone and have the same look as I did editing on my desktop. If that’s something you need, this is for you!